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Field Notes
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TOPIC: Field Notes

Field Notes 4 years, 5 months ago #2013

  • Zeb
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Field Notes is intended to include all the former content of Game Ideas. We will still be forwarding the content of Field Notes to Cryptic Studios. But, rather than limiting your submissions to your ideas on a given theme, we want to know, your ideas on just about anything!

Other topics that would fit well into this category; Pro tips, suggestions, bug reports, graphics glitches, walkthroughs, etc...

So please Captains, let us know what you observe out in the field, and we will report it on the show and to Cryptic!

Re: Field Notes 4 years, 5 months ago #2037

  • Shinsei
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Game Ideas

1. As always The whole issue with grades and ranks (Priority One Feb ideas (Page 2, second post), STO Forum link. So Player option to turn down promotion or an optional Capp, longer grades between ranks etc.

2. Specific field missions, Doff missions for example:
Tactical background - lead a fleet into battle (ground and space) - The Dominion Wars of deeps space nine is an example of things that could be done, such as coordinate teams.

Science background - Take a small fleet on a rescue and transfer people from a dying world and relocate them - perhaps a cross between the end of Star Trek Generations with rescue of enterprise D crew and Star Trek Insurrection on a greater scale (Ground and space)

Engineer background - Something linking to memory alpha - experimenting with new technology, going where no man has gone before, a led mission into Fludic space, to explore the technology and bring it back to find a defence against them, the Undine ships aren't powerful enough, the planet destroying kind are yet to appear STO forum link (regarding Ranks)

3. Missions/sub missions on characters ship i.e. stop a warp core breach, defeat invaders (ST:VOY episode called Macrosom is a nice example, also the game star trek elite force).

4. Ships able to work in silent running mode both in and out of missions (control of power to ship and by this I mean turn lights of, engines off, deflector). A mission example being where you may need to scan a planet without being detected by satellites ships etc.

5. Forge components for weapons/devices at Memory Alpha, rather then forging the weapons/devices themselves. You can then use these to create your weapon (put it together) i.e.energy cell, targeting system, colour you want it to fire, casing etc.

6. Sub system targeting (Star Trek bridge commander being an example), Galaxy class chasing a Ferangi ship and disabling its engines before it can go to warp.

7. More Puzzle Activities i.e. scanning anomalies in space. Puzzles for different things, i.e. use in the Klingon episode missions where on Deep space K7 you have to find a a cure for something in sickbay. More visuals, more indepth and more puzzle like. Anyone remember Star Trek Generations on Gameboy (Image sample,and videos: The first video has samples of finding a frequency and navigation, much like remastered Klingon mission where you have to sling shot around the sun.(see other parts for samples of those in image link including power transfer puzzles, and a second video (01:32) by someone also has some good ideas.

I know there's a lot, some of which i know has been mentioned by different players in different ways, one or two bits i haven't heard yet so something more or less original.
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Field Notes 4 years, 5 months ago #2040

  • Redstar
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Ok, a misspelling at the stf space weapons seller (borg)in ds-9: tetYRons, and I am not sure about this one: disrupters. Isn't it supposed to be disruptOrs?

Blank Of The Week 4 years, 4 months ago #2111

  • maddwolf
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Ok here is my 1st Idea:

The Ship Replicator: why not separate the items that are in there into sub menus instead of having EVERYTHING in one section. For Example: When you click on Replicator you will see....

Food Items ...Main menu
Liquids ...sub menu. will have all drinks
Solids ...sub menu. will have all dishes

Commodities ...Main menu
Personal Gear ...sub menu. will have Phaser/Shield/Frequency Remod
Common Inventory ...sub menu. will have Medical Sup/ Provisions etc.

Consumables ...Main menu

Holograms ...Main Menu
Medical ..sub Menu
Security ...sub menu
Engineering ...sub menu

that way you don't have scroll ALL The way down just to get one item. its more convenient and consistent have all the items in their own category.

2nd it's not so much as an idea, more like an observation...

On the Defiant class ship where is the light that shows the ship name??..all the ships I've seen have the ship name lit up why not on the Defiant?? as shown in the image on the right in the TV show vs In Game on the left...


so what gives? i would like my Defiant's name to be lit...thank you Devs...Make it so.

Re: Field Notes 4 years, 4 months ago #2127

  • danizmax
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Since Cryptic/PWI is failing to respond ong STO forum, I'll try my luck here. This is a list of improvements and bugs that I think should be repaired and done besides just new content to make it enjoyable:

I've been playing STO for few months and there are quite few things that cought my eye that could be improved. Some are Simple small things and some would be new features that I noted while I was playing STO. Here we go:


Map issues:

  • The quests that are available on the current map, should be visible with at least an icon
  • Zoom should center to the location of the mouse
  • Minimal zoom should not be smaller than current width or height of the map window, this should prevent weird moving around.!
  • Not all MPCs are visible on the map, only those that are close. I suspect that is a part of a bug which also doesn't show quest info if you are not in the right area.


  • After taking the quest you can't see the rewards you will be getting, sorry but this is just stupid.
  • There is no cooldown info for skills! Why is that? every MMO has that! It's important info!
  • You have to keep pressing Ctrl if you want to read stats for an item that is displayed in the chat. Sorry but this is just stupid, in every MMOs you can do this without Ctrl, and comming from other MMOs that also confused me greatly. Plz remove this stupid Ctrl press and make it vidible just by hovering, besides it currently created weird blinking.
  • For gods sake! Paint locations in green text as different or at least underline it, so ppl can read it faster. Ideally imput links to activate auto pilot. Most of MMOs have this and I never seen a game where wantged content is so hard to read from text.
  • When Linking an item into chat it adds uneeded brackets, it is not practical for searching the exchange.
  • After mission is completed the game says that you have done everything and asks you if you are sure that you wanna leave. Of course I am lol, this message is not necessary IMHO, it would only make sence to ask the question if you still have stuff to do.
  • Why is not possible to transfer items from inventory to bank or vice versa with a double klick? It's a basic functions! Again Every MMO has this.
  • Stats in items change! WTF is that? Assuming this is not a bug, make it clear what does it change and for how much, even better make vidible what causes the change.

suggestion in orange to make it less confusing:

On my Odyssey:

[Combat Impulse Engines Mk XI [Full] [Spd]]
+15 (-2) Flight speed
+18 (-13.5) Flight turn rate
+15 Full impulse flight speed

(ommited other description)

That way you know what is original and how did the stat change.

  • When clicking on the top description of the map to change the instance, opens a menu with one menu item. This is useless menu clicking, remove it and reintroduce it after you have some more options to choose from.
  • There should be a search box in Accolades window, currently it's hard to find them if you want to know what do they give you.
  • There should be shortcuts form greed/need/pass, it slow your ground combat beacuse you have to switch between modes if you play in FPS mode.
  • The GUI is too chunky IMHO, its like as if it's made for old people that can't see right, make it slick!
  • When playing a klingon IMHO orange and yellow and not distinguisable enough. It take a while to notice differences if you are in in PVP fight with a lot of players for example.
  • The red interface for klingon characters is "too" red, make it atleast a bit darker to make it more plesant. The red color also violates basic gui design conventions.

General functionality:

  • When flying a plotted course with an auto pilot, the ship doesn't ignore warp to other areas. Sorry but this is not an autopilot if you need to sit there to take care of it.
  • [li] In ground play, gun shot has a big delay after clicking fire with mouse or controler, this causes inconsistend game respnse and weird graphical effects./li]
  • I dont see any tickets when reporting players... is this a bug?

Live long and prosper.
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Re: Field Notes 4 years, 4 months ago #2135

I love my duty officers and I think it would be great for them to be able to gain experience as they do the duty missions, with the ability to promote them once they've gained enough experience. White becomming green, green to blue, etc. Maybe have it to where they lose experience if they fail a mission.

On the bug side of things, I was doing the Bajoran Fire Caves mission when Sol, my less than trusty science officer, took a grenade hit and was flung into a lava pit. He was to far away for anyone to get to him to revive him, but the rest of my away team refused to leave him. Venturing off alone, I ran afoul more cave dwellers and was killed. I called for help from my away team. My two tactical officers came to me while my engineer stayed with Sol, but now my team was gliching and they wouldn't attack the cultists. I decided to respawn, but by now my team was suffering brain damage. Two of them flat out refused to follow me, simply standing in place and not moving, while the other two followed, but got stuck trying to shimmy along the outside of the railings of the bridges over the lava. Aborted mission, trying again later.
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