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Klingon House
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TOPIC: Klingon House

Klingon House 4 years, 2 months ago #822

  • Peredhril
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It would be great to allow Klingons to earn points towards the establishment of their "House" in much the same, if not the exact, way as the Federation does for Ambassador. The point progression could be nearly the same also.

Fed Klingon
Attache Council Envoy

Envoy Council Advisor

Ambassador House Leader

Players that earn the right to lead their house become candidates for a seat on the High Council. In essence, the top KDF players in terms of their PvP scores have their avatar placed in the council chambers in place of one of the NPC council members. House Leaders may create their house on QoNos or in another system using the Foundry.
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Re: Klingon House 4 years, 2 months ago #824

  • Admiral One
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I think this is an elegant approach to Klingon Diplomacy.

The Klingon "House" system is just full of great opportunities to further explore Klingon culture & lore.

If I remember our discussion in game correctly, we had talked about having the "House Leaders" (Top rank diplomats) having their character "copied" like they do for Tribble accounts and that toon's skin placed on a randomized list to periodically appear in the High Council Chambers as a costume on the NPC council members.

Also, we talked about the leaderboard system the Devs have hinted at. We thought it might be very cool for the Top 10 Klingons on the leaderboard to have giant statues of their toons show up in the courtyard outside the Great Hall on Qo'noS.

This is really great stuff Peredhril.
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Re: Klingon House 4 years, 2 months ago #830

  • Peredhril
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I could not agree more. Giving KDF players the ability to earn their House, combined with the ability the Foundry provides to actually "create" it, is powerful stuff. Federation Fleets have been clamoring for their own starbase or space station. That is cool. For my Klingon, I would like a House and a Home System for that House. The Home System is awarded to the House Leader by the Emperor himself. I have begun building space and ground maps for the "House of J'Rok" in the Foundry Beta on Tribble. I would love to invite friends to help me in missions like House Defense, Defend the Honor of the House, House Revenge, Empire Expansion, etc, etc. It would be great to have Exchange, Bank, and Crafting facilities available in the Ground Map of the House compound.

I can imagine KDF House Leaders forming (and breaking) alliances. Imagine the house wars that would erupt in PvP (and the forums) as great Houses clash in glorious battle to protect their honor?

Marks of Honor now really mean something and become valuable in new and exciting ways.

There are very cool items that KDF's can craft that are not available to Feds e.g. Klingon Mk XI Bat'Leth. Expanding on this will draw more interest to the KDF side of STO. I would like to see a House Leader / Master Crafter given the ability to craft a selection of Very Rare Mk XI or Mk XII items. (See "Voyager: Endgame" where the Koroth proudly displayed his latest innovation to Janeway: a Cardassian Disruptor modified to emit a Nadion Pulse). It is interesting to note that a highly resourceful Federation Admiral came to a Klingon General to get the new hotness in time travel technology - not the other way around.

In the same way that Feds go to ESD for their promotion ceremony (optional), Klingon's would go before the High Council, have their honor challenged, survive a little PvE one-on-one combat (Bat'Leth only), and/or complete a solo mission for the Emperor, then get their Accolade: House Leader.

The method to my madness here is simply to try and help bring the richness to the Klingon player experience that STO deserves and can deliver in abundance. Quite honestly, the Klingons are more integral to the entire Star Trek saga than any other race. As humans, Klingons are the ones we would love to hate. But we cannot do so because they are us and we are them. Klingons are the personification of Human aggression. The Klingon side allows us to unleash our inner Warrior. Who doesn't like to pillage and plunder? I am not trying to be all philosophical here. Just trying to say what I think everyone already knows: STO will hit new heights when the Klingon side comes to life. Ruling a noble and honorable House is what every young (male or female) Klingon aspires to.
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Re: Klingon House 4 years, 1 month ago #849

  • Meth
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MajQa'!!! Qapla'!!!

Well developed idea. I like it. Keep it coming.

I would go for a slight difference in titles though, maybe the Klingon equivilent to Mafia titles... Instead of Diplomacy titles, since Klingon consider Diplomacy as weak. If Klingons want a world, they take it... They do not wait for a Chancellor or an Admiral to "Grant it" to them.

Your idea really has a lot of potential.
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